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·Enterprise leader hunting

·Professional elites hunting

·Recruitment and outsourcing

·Additional value service: Clients human resource strategy plan, organizational structure design, C&B design, Career development plan, etc.

Industry Service

Aiming at China domestic market, Asia Bridge continuously pay attention to below industries, We are familiar with the industry development and the potential candidates trend, keeping close cooperation with the industry of Finance, Property and FMCG, the partial professional research associations and the social organizations. In Asia Bridge, we also divided our team by different industries and accumulated abundant resources of different industries.

·FMCG: Brand, Luxury, Apparel, Cosmetic, Electronics products, Furniture, Foods.

·Retail trade: Shopping centers, Department stores, Super markets, Chain stores.

·Property: Development Investors, Construction, Land agent.

·Finance: Insurances, Banks, Securities, Mutual Trust Company, Investment funds.

·Medicine - biochemistry: medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing sales.

·Energy &Transportation: Oil products, Chemical products, High way/Rail way, Bridge Transportations.

·Service: Consultancy, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel agencies.

·Semi-conductors/Components: IC, Memories, Other devices Medicines Bio chemistry, Medical machines, Medicine production and selling


Function Service

We are accomplished in providing the below position’s candidate searching service for our clients, and have a lot of successful cases. Besides, we also have the excellent experiences for the clients’ whole staff organization.

·High end management class: Company leader, Board member, CEO, General Manager

·Special high management class: 

CFO, Financial controller, Audit manager. Investment manager, Fund controller, Senior manager of financial/Audit/Tax controller. CHO, Manager of HR/Organization/Benefit/Achievements/Resource/-Training/Staff relationship

Sales Manager , Marketing Manager, Area sales Manager ,Branch Manager , Promotion Manager ,Brand Manager, PR Manager, Retail Manager, Business Development Manager.

R&D Manager, Senior Product Manager, Chief designer, Project Manager, Manufacture Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Purchasing Director, QA Manager

·Specialist: Candidates who have full experiences in different specialized domains.

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Asia Bridge Human Resource LTD. is a professional head hunting company established in Hong Kong with rich experiences and
great quality services provided for Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan companies from 1995.
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